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Here is the result of idea harvesting at our session to design a "Zero Carbon Footprint Initiative." Darsana Joseph has outlined this following our brainstorming session.

  1. We contact Surya TV organizers to give us an opportunity to play at the Reality TV Show: "Deal or No Deal"
  2. We use the prize money to buy home sized bio gas plants and issue it to our classmates
  3. Student members are to arrange collection of food waste from the neighbourhood and deposit it in the biogas unit
  4. Students are to use the organic manure from the unit to cultivate garden in own home or at the neighbours
  5. Cooking gas may be used for the students' domestic cooking as we have no project yet to use it to make mone
  6. The vegetables and fruits produce shall be sold at school during weekend sale / auction
  7. Income generated is used to pay back the cost of biogas units
  8. We must have our Wiki to share each others experience
  9. Everyone is to write their blogs. We tell the world how Surya TV helped us in our project
  10. We find sponsors and shoot videos of our project with an advertisement of those sponsors displayed in the background
  11. We use the funds generated to buy more biogas units and the cycle goes on

Thank you everyone. Thank you Darsana for walking that extra mile.