The brainstorming session will be three minutes long. Navya will be the time keeper. Remya will work as the note-taker. Today we design a project that help us (1) Go green and implement a "zero carbon initiative" program (2) We generate awareness and publicity (3) We find our own funds

Ready. Steady. Go

Involve TV and Press to promote us

The other way round. Let us promote the TV and Media

We can youtube our program

Making news from news!!

But it should give us money to buy the bio-gas units!

We can find some sponsors for our activity – Waste to Wealth

Our project must be self supporting

We can blog and Wiki our project

And Tweet

I’ll do the video blogging

But what are we going to blog on?

We need an activity first. We are here to think about that.

I’m still dreaming about my part on TV

We need TV to advertise our project

Let the project advertise itself

Let TV find us and use it for their ad
Back to focus area: Waste to Wealth

Sell the produce to fund the start up

Sell biogas? Need expensive equipment

Use it to cook for school canteen. Volunteer at Joy of Giving

You mean, we shoot our cooking as an ad?

We can narrow-cast the cookery show to a prepaid audience

Marketing is tough.

Yes. We can act in the advertisement, we can do social networking to market

Think of something that gives advertisement and money for the bio-gas units!!

Deal or No Deal!! (Comment: Deal or No Deal is a reality show on Surya TV)

It promotes Bhima Jewellers. We shall not copy others ideas. We have to design ours

We’ll get Allappat Jewelleries as sponsors for our project

They are sponsoring the Festival at St Mary's Basilica

Let us hold our meeting in front of the billboard of the Basilica's Festival

How is that going to benefit us?

We are spreading good news. We are promoting Mother Mary. God will pay us.

We’ll have our brainstorming with the Marian billboard in the background

Yes. Everyweek we will have our show on video recording and upload it at YouTube, and Allappat Jewelleries will benefit from the advertisement

But we must have a compelling USP for us

What’s a USP?

Unique Selling Proposition

Set up a waste collection agency, convert to bio gas

Deal. Generate start up money from Deal or No Deal

We deal in ideas. We will sit in session everyweek to design a brand new idea and sell it to the world.

Where is today’s idea?

Use WE (Wiki Educator Platform). Use Us. Use business. Use environment. Package a deal that cannot be a “No Deal”

Waste management is our proposition to help everyone

Time over. All of you can have a copy of the “free flow”. Harvest Ideas from Skype notes and present it on BIRDS & BEES SUCCESS DEAL