Think Global, Act Local

Wiki Ambassador Darsana have promised to work with me on this novel social activity. We plan to issue Bio-gas units (Picture below) costing around Rs.1000/- (US$25/-) per piece as an Operate and Pay Back deal.
Students and their neighbors shall deposit domestic food waste into the unit. The family that looks after the unit can use the cooking gas for their own use. The slurry (manure) produced could be (1)sold to neighbours (2) used to cultivate vegetables and sold at school market. The money shall be entrusted with the school authorities and shall be used to buy more bio-gas units.

The start-up capital will be raised by Sebastian Panakal, who plans to play "Deal or No Deal" game at Surya TV or find sponsors for the project. The applications of the students will be used as proof of social activism by the students.

Students' Benefits
Sebastian Panakal and Darsana Joseph will:
  • Conduct online classes for the students on how to convert food waste into methane gas and manure.
  • Arrange Wiki Buddy training to the students so that they use Wiki for their academic and personal growth
  • Train the participating students on writing Blogs at Edublogs, the international online meeting place for teachers and students
  • Train on video editing and uploading their social activities on YouTube channel
  • Train on effective use of Web 2.0 tools
  • Train them to learn their lessons using online collaborative tools